You have certainly heard about the importance of social media in marketing. What you might probably not know is that the hordes of people on most of the platforms have no fixed loyalties – they’ll be on one platform today, even sing its praises, before abandoning it the next day. This means that any successful marketer has no choice but to be forever on the lookout to discover current trends. Unlike users on most of the other platforms however, Pinterest users exhibit a great degree of loyalty and are likely to be more beneficial for your own business than people on other platforms.

“While the number of people on Pinterest is more smaller compared with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, how Pinterest users use the content they find online differs substantially,” exclaims Issa Asad, Florida-based entrepreneur, social media expert, and CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. “Pinterest marketing is what might make all the difference for your company.”

Here are 3 reasons why Pinterest is necessary for social media marketing.

1. Pinterest Users Are Number One Marketers

Traditionally, it is the marketer who lures customers to a shop using shop window displays. With Pinterest, the roles are reversed as the platform lets customers show what it is that attracted them to your shop in the first place. They do this by taking and posting pictures of the products that attracted them and then refer people to your site. Note also that while most of the other platforms have been recording diminishing referrals in the recent past, the number of Pinterest users clicking to company websites has increased by seven times in the recent past.

2. Pinterest Users Easily Convert

You could have done all the hard work to attract a potential customers to your site but all that work will be in vain if the visitors only pay a visit and leave without buying anything. Research has shown that unlike people using other media, Pinterest users have no qualms about being the first to try a product they see here. This is of special importance to anybody launching a new product – while new products might be treated with fear and skepticism on other platforms, they will be more than welcome on Pinterest.

3. Some Users May Be Exclusively with Pinterest

If you do not get hold of your targeted audience on one of the various platforms, chances are that using TV, radio, and other traditional marketing channels that will help. This works with users of most social media except those on Pinterest. The customers buying decisions of Pinterest users are mostly influenced by what they see on the site and not what they might see on billboards, hear on radio or watch on TV. Talking of TV, research has shown that Pinterest users watch less TV than most people with some refusing watch TV at all. You are also unlikely to get them via print newspapers and magazines as most also avoid these.

Remember also that the majority of the people on Pinterest are young and if you could capture their attention now, they’ll guarantee your product a large and reliable customer base for many years.