Unless you live under a rock or are new to the internet, then chances are you have at least seen a video clip from Vine.co.  As a matter of fact, more than 13 million people can call themselves users of this state-of-the-art video sharing service.  The catch: each clip can only be 6 seconds or less.  This places a lot of pressure on artists to create something attention-catching in an extremely short time.  Regardless of the challenge, Vine.co is known today for showcasing some of the funniest and most thought-provoking video clips on the internet.

So what exactly is Vine.co?

Vine.co is a website which hosts an easy to use app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Once downloaded, this video-sharing app is becoming quite popular and is doing so rather quickly.  It is made so that you can easily record short clips which can be later tied together to make a sharable video which totals a whopping 6 seconds in length.  Although this might not sound like a lot, Vine.co apps are now being used by comedians, social media users, and even some news reporters.

How does the App actually Work?

In order for users to get the most out of their Vine.co experience they will have to download the app first.  However, this is only really possible on the right device.  Because Vine is owned by Twitter it is easily accessible via computer too.  Depending on the type of devices you are using, you can download the app and begin creating videos almost immediately – and then you can easily share them on your favorite social media platform.

How does it compare to Instagram?

When comparing Vine.co with Instagram there are a few similarities, but the differences are pretty obvious.  Although the feel of the downloaded Vine.co app can sometimes remind users of Instagram, the Vine home screen offers a full lineup of people whom could be sent the video clip.  While Instagram is its own entity, Vine is owned by Twitter and thus uses all of the information from your existing profile.  This just means that set up is super easy and pretty much done for you.

There are a lot of different social media and networking sites out there, and a lot of them allow you to share some sort of video from your mobile device.  However, they are not all created equally.  Take a moment to try out Vine.co on someone else’s phone or tablet if you can before you download the app for yourself.  Although it is growing in popularity, the app might not be what you are looking for.