Twitter user base is expanding day in day out, due to the many pleasures and information it has to offer. This runs from: current news, trends, fashion among other items. Issa Asad Florida businessman and social media expert says that “despite the large number of users of this social media there are some who are considered prominent.” Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Here are the 5 top types of Twitter users.

1. The Egg/Lurker

Everyone came to Twitter as an egg. Unfortunately some of these eggs never hatch. The Egg type of users, account for about 25% of the Twitter base. These are users who only tweet once and then go dark when no one responds to their tweet. Sometimes when the egg hatches it becomes a lurker, hence the category Egg/lurker. These are people who are always logged in but do not actually tweet. The egg/lurker spends most of their time consuming news from their Twitter feeds, or just following celebrity news. But in this category I applaud the egg/lurker who manages to get the most popular celebrities to follow them. How they do this still remains a mystery.

2. The Guru

In this category we are not simply referring to the real gurus and celebrities like Dali Lama, but rather the people who have managed to amass enough following on Twitter to deserve the title guru-pseudo celebrities on Twitter. If you do a quick run through follower wonk you will realize that more than 150000 users have the title guru on their profile bios. Most of these users are self proclaimed gurus. I applaud their determination in amassing all these followers but most of my recognition goes to those who have used Twitter to build their personal brand.

3. The Celebrity

Should we say they are the most prominent? Well celebrities-real, account for only 1% of the Twitter base, while 99 percent of the other users follow these celebrities. Celebrities fall into three main categories: athletes, actors and musicians. The other celebrities are politicians or prominent businessmen like the president of the USA; others are prominent IT gurus like Bill Gates. When you are a celebrity, people re-tweet on everything that you post. Hence you can use the influence amassed from Twitter to promote a cause like election campaigns or promoting a new album for the musicians.

4. The Business

Were it not for this group of users Twitter’s growth would be at risk. Businesses generate advertising revenue that fuels Twitter’s growth. Companies and organizations ranging from small medium and large companies are running adverts on Twitter. Most of these companies also engage with their clients on Twitter to get reviews and feedback regarding their delivery of services. Due to the influence of Twitter on society, more and more companies are investing in Twitter hence growing the number of this type of users.

5. The Spectators/Unaccounted

It is estimated that there is a number of about 20-25% of users who are unaccounted for in the categories mentioned above. Hence this last category of users, I like to call them spectators, why? This is the target audience that advertisers look out for; when they are promoting their products or services. Some tweet more, others tweet less. Nothing interests them more than seeing a new tweet on their wall, whether from a company or a celebrity. Sometimes every Twitter user falls under this category hence the name-Unaccounted for/spectator.