In a simple definition, social media marketing is that near unavoidable style of marketing that you see any time you log into a social networking account. This includes things such as Skype, Apps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Though the ads you see in all these places is just part of the larger picture that makes up social media marketing. In today’s society, for business to make the most of the market they need to be available and connect with consumers through social media. This is where they gain followers and customers, and where promotional giveaways are often run. It is not uncommon to often seen gimmicks being run where you have to follow or like a company on their Facebook to be entered into a contest they are running. The ultimate goal for social media marketing is to generate attention and traffic to a company’s website or if they operate solely through Facebook, their page.

How does it work exactly?

The entire scope of social media marketing works on the the principle of “word of mouth” marketing. One person hears about something interesting and they tell another, then the other person tells their friends and so forth. Links are shared over the internet and before you know it, something hits viral status, which means people around the world are taking a look. Businesses and artists take advantage of this social aspect to draw attention to them or their cause.

Both old and newer companies use social media marketing to help increase their sales and build a brand for themselves. Starbucks was actually the first company that was already established to fully embrace social media as a viable means for marketing. By putting an interactive and personal touch to their commercial face, they were able to amass one of the most dedicated followings. They already had a great product, and a strong place in the niche market of affordable gourmet coffee. With the help of their immersion in the social media setting, they were one large company that remained quite viable through the recent recession. Which is the other aspect to why companies use social media to reach new customers and generate interest and traffic; loyalty.

How social media marketing helps grow a solid customer base.

Beyond using ads, tweets, and posts to generate interest and connect with their consumer base, business take the opportunity to grow customer loyalty through recognition. The principle is the same behind most company policies regarding customer interactions. You should make them feel welcome, be courteous, and be approachable. With social media, businesses can create a sense of true connectivity with their customers. Using simple interactions such as Tweets and Facebook posting can make customers feel a deeper sense of loyalty towards a company. When you can humanize a company the way social media allows one to do, it is easier to feel as if they are a friend-like being and not just a corporate entity.

The other ways social media marketing is used.

Aside from using it for interactions with customers, social media marketing through targeting ads works by being presenting in social media settings. Ads such as banners and quick commercials that play before videos is another that companies use the popularity of social media to help spread notice about themselves and their products. The widespread use and number of social media outlets allows companies to reach the global market, far more than even television can, as most people are connected and not simply watching. Ads through messaging services and Apps in particular reach mobile users the most. Customers can sign up through company websites and receive messages regarding specials directly to their phone, making it just another successful branch of social media marketing.