Understanding the ins and outs of all the different mobile apps these days can seem like a daunting task.  It is true that at least some of the time, you end up downloading something that is exactly like something else that you already have.  Well, the developers of Snapchat had that very predicament in mind when they began creating their unique mobile app.  In fact, the sole purpose of creating the playfully motivated app was to put the fun back into using social media for the purposes of communicating with a select group of people.

Fun with Photo Messaging

There are a lot of different social media applications available to the average consumer, but only Snapchat allows users to do so much.  This comprehensive photo messaging service was developed by a group of experts who worked right alongside university students.  It ultimately allows users to take a series of photos from their mobile device, record short (but often grainy) videos, add text and doodles to those photos and videos, and then share said messages with a specified list of people in their own personal social network.

The Facts about Snaps

“Snaps” is the name given by developers to the photographs and short videos that are sent from user to user via the Snapchat app.  What is interesting is that the typical user can go right in and set their own time limit for how long the other person has to view their message.  Most people who use Snapchat send messages that have a 1 to 10 second expiration limit.  After that time, the sent and received messages will become hidden and eventually deleted from the Snapchat servers themselves.  Pretty snazzy stuff if you have classified information to share, or just a neat way to swap silly selfies.

Little Known Facts

According to a recent study that was led by researchers for Snapchat, there were about 700 million photographs and video clips sent every day on modern mobile devices via the app.  Each one of those messages, though only having a lifespan of a few seconds, has been predicted to more than double in the years to come.  What’s more is that there is an added level of security to using Snapchat.  Users are required to keep contact with the device’s screen which ultimately prevents screenshots from being taken.  Oh, and if someone gets around that little roadblock, all users get a notification that a screenshot was taken.

Watch a Christmas Story using Snapchat

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