Is five minutes a day enough to market through Instagram? Although it may not seem as it is, when you use the right approach you can build a following, you can build the right follower list and you can get your brand name out to the general public. You can do all of that in this short period of time.

For starters, you have to grab a catchy name and account title, and you have to use an image for your homepage that draws people in, that is controversial or something that people are talking about. From there, you can break your marketing up in to two steps, which should only take five minutes daily.

1. Build Your Following

This is going to take you a time period of three minutes each day. In this step you will do a hashtag search to find companies or people who are in the same industry as yours. You can also follow other companies that are in your industry. Follow the followers of these big companies that have followed the bigger companies; and try to follow those who engage and comment on photos. These are the followers who will likely follow you back as well.

Once you find these followers, follow between thirty to fifty individuals each day, but no more than fifty. These individuals will in turn follow you back, and over time your account will be seen as authoritative. In turn you will naturally notice more people following you over time, even if you have never looked at their account page.

2. Post a Picture or Video Daily

People don’t buy the product, but a great experience. So post hypnotic pictures to showcase how the product you are selling will enhance or improve their life. Show how they can use the product to better themselves. Show how your product is going to make them enjoy every experience they are going to have with it. You will then create time sensitive messages, allowing people to find a special offer or a discount for the product you are selling. By putting a time limit on how long they can save or how long they have to buy the product, a sense of urgency is created; in turn, more people are going to want to buy the product, and more people are likely to visit your site and to purchase.

This step should only take you two minutes daily; by adding only one image daily, it will keep people coming back for more on a daily basis, as they are going to want to continue to see the story and see what great experience it is that you are selling to them.

You don’t have to spend hours a day online; in fact, doing so may cause you to seem desperate and as if you are not a reliable company. In only five minutes a day you can build up your following, you can draw in new customers and you can become an authority on Instagram.