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Issa Asad Shares 4 Skills You Don’t Need on Your Resume

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Writing a resume has evolved so much in the past few decades. But one thing that remains is that a resume should be detailed to capture as much information as possible. This point is often abused as some people fill their resume with junk that ends up costing them the opportunity.

“A resume should capture the attention of your employer in a short and simple description, and in achieving this, it is essential to note some of the things that you should entirely avoid,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur since 1996. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Here, Issa Asad Shares 4 Skills You Don’t Need on Your Resume:

1. A language you never studied beyond high school 

It is possible to learn a new language like French in high school, however, at this level, you are not able to either communicate effectively with native speakers or read that language.

The embarrassing part can be when you include a language you have not mastered, and one of your interviewers is proficient at it and engages you in a conversation.

2. The social media information

People have different views of social media, and as much as you may think you have the best friends on Facebook, a massive following on Twitter and many likes on Instagram, don’t include this information not unless you are requested.

The branding on social media and branding of the company are two parallel things. Unless the job requires a professional social media administrator, don’t let your social life take away your position.

3. Soft Skills

Including soft skills is a little challenging as most recruiters will be waiting for this part. The way to handle this issue is by being honest. You may be tempted to fill in a few soft skills as by the job description, but if you don’t possess those skills, they will land you in a problem.

Being honest only to include the skills that you have can save you from embarrassment during the allocation of a task. For instance, if you tip that you can work under pressure and you are placed in a place where there are lots of deadlines to meet you will freak out.

The other way to handle your skills is by instead of stating them, portray them in actions. For example, you can say, “I developed the new packaging material after the ban on plastic bags,” to show innovation or creativity.

4. Including an outdated technology

With the rapid innovation and research, the technology and software in the industry are quickly changing. The only way to remain relevant is by ensuring you are always informed. If you fail to do this, you will only appear to lag the progress of a company.

Your future boss is looking for someone who is informed about technological advancements and can quickly learn new ones.

Before presenting your resume, take your time, do some research and only put what is most recent. Having an outdated technology on your resume shows you are ancient and it will be hard for you to learn.