Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Says the Lifeline Program Benefits Single Parents

Lifeline Assistance Program is a social incentive to that is meant to ease economic burdens for low-income households and single parents. The program can be accessed in many states, and the large geographic territory it covers means that it can enable many people to enjoy fairly balanced economic security. In particular, the Lifeline Assistance Program mostly targets people who are finding it hard to get income while taking care of their children. Given that health issues are unavoidable, and now that the cost of everything is ever rising; many people are finding it rough to establish economic security for their families. It is a good call that Lifeline Assistance Program is there to help make life relatively easy for low-income and single-parent households by focusing on important factors such as health, education, and jobs.

There are so many family assistance programs that try to balance the financial playing field for families, with the low-income and single-parent households being the biggest beneficiaries. Programs such as food stamps, medical aid, housing aid, and energy assistance have in place for many years and have greatly helped many families to enjoy relatively stable social net safety. Lifeline Assistance Program has proved to be perhaps the most successful social program. It works by providing monthly minutes, cell phones and low-cost landlines connections to families that may need financial assistance.

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Q Link Wireless in Dania Florida, is an approved service provider on matters concerning Federal Line Assistance Program. Its CEO, Issa Asad, shares his observed aspect that many people are often in shock when they discover the number of children who are raised in single-parent households. Issa Asad further asserts that the consequences of these parenting environments means that many children’s education and even health care may be at big risk since many single-parent households are somehow economically restrained. He feels that the program can have an immense impact on families, and hugely benefit single parents in particular in the following ways;

Effectively Coordinating Care Network

Many single parents are often forced to adopt daily routines that are twice as intensive as the ones followed by two-parent households. For instance, single parents have to juggle about how to take their kids to school, provide them medical care, take them to daycare, and a host of many other never-ending routines leave alone dealing with professional commitments. To make things a bit easier for single parents, other persons can get involved in coordinating activities such as picking and dropping children to and from school so that the parents can have some free time to take care of other commitments. Effective coordination is tough to arrive at without proper phone connection, but Lifeline subscription lifts away much of that burden.

Managing Medical Care

Children do need intensive medical care and health issues such as daily bruises and bumps means that routine healthcare should be necessary on a monthly basis. Without a phone to set medical appointments, receive referrals or order prescriptions; parents may find themselves on a rough course by being forced to walk their sick children around town just to accomplish the intended medical objective. With Lifeline phone, parents can comfortably stay at home and take of children, and perhaps only leave when it is time for a medical appointment.

Making the Job Search Possible

Parents who want the best for their families often search for jobs, but it happens that landing a job can be incredibly difficult without a phone. That is because it gets excruciatingly hard for the parents to connect with their potential employers or accordingly get informed about scheduled interviews. Phone connection can enable parents to easily set interviews as well as arrange for babysitting services with their employers.

The program only allows a single Lifeline subscription benefit for the households involved. However, the peace of mind is that the program is worth trying among senior citizens, low-income families, or single-parent households where economic uncertainties may be prevalent. Single parents who may show interest in Lifeline program can visit the platform’s Q Link Wireless site or make a toll-free call to Q Link through 1-855-754-6543.