For efficient marketing, it is important to ensure that you have a connection with your customers. In order to get this connection, communication is key and it is therefore important to learn how best to communicate with the customers. The improved technology today is an added advantage to help you understand your customers.

Issa Asad Florida Entrepreneur
Issa Asad Florida Entrepreneur

“By monitoring customers’ social media and other activities in the internet, you are able to know their behavior,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and businessman since 1996. “This way, you are able to know the communication approaches that will be effective for your target customers.”

Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Hello Mobile, and Quadrant Holdings, all located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Here, Issa Asad Reveals Easy Marketing Tools to Reach Customers:


Direct communication between you and your customers is the key for a successful marketing campaign. Since it is not possible to have a sit-down with all your customers, you can use surveys to know their opinions on matters. You can as the customers open-ended questions about your brand. This way, they are able to give their thoughts without limitations and therefore help you make improvements on your products.


Research has shown that majority of the salespeople use platforms like Microsoft Excel to store their customer data. However, this leaves the data at risk of being disorganized or even lost. The Salesforce is a tool that helps you to gather all the information you have on your customers together. This way, you have a clear picture of the information at all times and it is also safe so that it cannot be lost.


Social media is very common today and people are no longer using it just for communication with friends and family. Many businesses have utilized social media to do their marketing campaigns so that they are able to reach many people at once.

In order to effectively manage these social media accounts, you need Hootsuite. This is a tool that helps you to track the instances where your brand has been mentioned. You can set up feeds for the mentioning of your competition, your brand and even the industry. This way you will be able to tap into the important conversations with the customers and make an impact.