Writing an e-book is something that many people may have thought of, but are afraid to do. But, with e-books, you have far more wiggle room than you do with publishing an actual book, if you know which approach to take. And, if you write a great book, it is possible to make high profits, even if they are sold for only a low amount.

However, you have to know how to get started, and actually write the e-book. How do you get your e-book written and then published? In this article, Issa Asad reveals 5 tips for writing an e-book. Issa Asad is a  Florida entrepreneur, social media expert, and bestselling author of 4 e-books. He is from Miami, Florida, and has served the South Florida area since 1996. Issa Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, a subsidiary of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, located in Dania, Florida.

Here are Issa Asad’s tips for writing an e-book, and to getting it sold.

1. Money Isn’t Everything

One big mistake people make is going towards areas where there is a popular following. Yes, certain categories are going to make more money than others. But, if you write a sports e-book simply to sell more, you aren’t going to write well if you don’t like sports or don’t know anything about them. Rather, write something you enjoy, something you are familiar with and build your own following. “If your e-book is good, people will buy it,” said Issa Asad. “Even if it isn’t in the most-read category, you can earn money.”

2. Use Who You Know

If you have a blog or online newsletter, reach out to your readers. Since they already know how you write and like your content, let them know you are creating an e-book. You have an audience, so why not use them? Plus, these people are going to help build your following. Word of mouth goes a long way, and if they tell others about your e-book, it is going to garner a larger following over time, and it is going to sell more over time as well.

3. Research

Even if you are familiar with a category, you have to research it. Set time aside to research before you even begin writing. If you simply write without doing research and familiarizing yourself with the subject, it is going to show. So, rather than just go with what you know or what you think you know, set some time aside to do the research to find out what you have to know. “You need to. garner the right ideas so you can write something that is of value and something that your readers are actually going to want to read,” said Issa Asad.

4. Don’t Wing It

If there is a fact or statistic, make sure you know what you are writing. You can’t simply come up with numbers, or throw random facts out there. Your research is going to help on this front as well. If you are writing an e-book, people expect you know what you are doing. If your book is full of errors and inconsistencies, it will show, and they are going to call you on it. Don’t just guess, or say it is close enough; make sure it is right, and make sure you know what you are writing before you do so.

5. Distraction Free

When writing, you have to be in an environment that is distraction free. If you go to Starbucks and see friends or start talking to strangers, how engaged are you with really writing the book? The same goes for writing at home; if you are distracted by kids or family and friends, how can you get anything done? Take it like you take your job. Make sure you have a space where you can concentrate and are not going to be bothered by distractions every few minutes. “If not, it is going to show in your writing and it is going to reflect in the quality of the content that you are putting out there,” said Issa Asad.


Writing an e-book is similar to writing a book in that content has to be great and accurate, you need time and you have to know what you are doing before you get started. When you do these things, it is going to result in a great book and content people want to read. These are a few tips to get you started, and to help get you on track upon deciding to write your e-book.