Issa Asad How to Use Pokemon GO to Catch New Business

Pokémon GO is a mobile reality game that inspires users to catch all Pokémon who emerge all over the real world. The game applies the phone’s GPS to identify a location and catch the “wild Pokémon” in the neighborhood.

Just like in other games, it needs tools to locate and catch Pokémon. These little pocket monsters are mainly found by visiting landmarks in cities or towns called PokéStops. The Pokémon GO app was just launched on July 5 but has attracted up to 7.5 million downloads. This number is twice those engaged in Snapchat and the percentage of active daily users of Pokémon GO is overtaking Twitter.

“This reality game craze is at its peak and is vastly spreading and business people can take this as an important business opportunity,” said Issa Asad Florida social media marketer and businessman. Mr. Asad is the author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books and is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings,  located in South Florida.

As users transverse their towns to play Pokémon GO, it is generating traffic to neighboring businesses. As a confident business person, you can grab this as an awesome marketing opportunity and earn hefty on this hot cake game. To learn more about marketing tips, it is imperative to first download the game. You can then sign in during your free time and explore your business to test it.

Issa Asad How to Use Pokemon GO to Catch New Business:

1. Design a PokéStop Marketing Strategy 

Players who physically visit PokéStops can collect tools and play better. Pokémon GO has therefore converted quiet areas to hot spots. You can take advantage of this to invite gamers who hit the PokéStops to your business.

Locate the closest PokéStop to your business and build a marketing strategy around it. For example, if your store is couple of meters away from a landmark acting as a PokéStop you can design a promotion that invites the gamers.

In the promotion, you can give the name of your business and direction and indicate the available offers. This way you will invite players to your business thereby increasing sales.

2. Pay to Set Pokémon “Lures” Near Your Business

Pokémon GO lets players to purchase “lures” in order to increase Pokémon in a PokéStop for a period of 30 minutes. A higher number of Pokémon in an area results to more players which increase your potential customers. You can capitalize on this idea and buy Lures since they are affordable. Upon buying, remember to inform your potential customers where you set up the lures to attract them at particular time.

3. Set a Date for Pokémon Hunt

Persuade your potential customers to begin their Pokémon GO trip to your business. You have various alternatives;

You can plan a date and time to undertake a Poke-hunt with a sample of your potential customers. This will lead to a close contact with your customers while having fun. Once through with the hunt, give your customers coupon with a theme of Poke-hunt.

Alternatively, you can inspire your potential customers to take a self-initiated trip that begins from your business. Persuade them to get their Poke-hunt themed coupon before moving to their first stop.

Finally, market your tour and coupons through social media, text or email and encourage customers to come for the deal.

In conclusion, if you have not capitalized on the Pokémon GO Craze, you can apply the above tips how to use Pokemon GO to catch new business.