Issa Asad How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing

Facebook is now the leading choice for anyone who wants to drive massive amounts of traffic. With over 500 million users, Facebook is a great place for you to advertise your business. Now, Facebook offers a new feature called “Facebook Live”, which allows users and businesses to go “Live” and record video that can be watched by followers in real time. This offers businesses a chance to uniquely advertise to their followers.

Issa Asad Florida social media entrepreneur and businessman agrees: “People usually stay on their Facebook account for long periods of time, so even if they usually don’t pay attention to ads, they’ll stop and watch your Live video,” said Asad. Mr. Asad has been an entrepreneur since 1996. He is also the author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books, which can be purchased off of Amazon.

“Facebook Live is an amazing marketing tool for companies which are looking to enhance their online presence and following,” said Issa Asad. Continue reading to learn Issa Asad How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing.

1. Behind-the-Scenes Action

Paltforms such as YouTube and Instagram give you the chance to edit your videos to obtain the perfect result. Facebook Live gives you a one-time opportunity to present a great video. As such, it is one of the best new methods for businesses to enhance their human aspect to viewers and customers. The live sharing helps them share new aspects about the company such as how a certain machine works or how certain products are made. This provides unique content for the company’s page and attracts large viewership. It is also a great chance for the company to bare it all to customers.

2. Interaction with Viewers

Facebook Live operates in a similar manner to status updates and uploading photos. You type in a description of the video and then start taking the video. As the live sharing is taking place, viewers are able to comment in the comments section and ask various questions about the featured product in the video. You may choose to respond to the questions and comments during the live sharing or later in a separate forum. Either way, a connection is created between you and your customers. Customer connection to a company has been proven to enhance loyalty and sales.

3. Product Launch

The Facebook Live feature has created a cheaper and more effective way of launching new products. The business can plan the launch of their product ahead of time in order to attract a large audience to the actual moment. The product launch can easily take place in the company’s premises or outdoors where they get to engage new and existing clients. The live product launch will enable online viewers to experience the product’s or service’s prowess through the comments of the customers in the video. This form of product launching is effective since it reaches a wide range of customers who may not have been able to attend a physical launching event.

4. Tutorials

Experience is the best teacher for sure. Some clients often need to get a hands-on description of a product or service in order to understand how it works. As such, the business can share live tutorials on how to use a certain product or how to benefit from a certain service from them. The more your customers know about your company, the better your relationship is.

5. Industry News Summaries

A new occurrence in the industry in question allows a business to offer its take on the proceedings. It may lead to marketing bonuses such as getting featured on journals, magazines, and national or local news stations. It also makes you the first stop for customers whenever anything new happens in your industry of interest.