Issa Asad Explains 4 Reasons Why Writing a Book Boosts Business

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Starting a business is hard work, but gaining more business can be just as much of a challenge. Maybe your business is in an undeveloped industry and needs to be brought to the attention of potential customers. On the other side, your company is facing a lot of competition, and you need an edge to make you stand out. With the advances in the self-publishing business, writing a book has become incredibly easy.

“For companies, a book can be seen as a new kind of business card that can tell and share a lot more about your business before a customer even approaches you,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. “A book aimed at boosting your business could bring you several different rewards.”

Here, Issa Asad Explains 4 Reasons Why Writing a Book Boosts Business:

1. Draw attention to yourself

The first of these rewards is using a book to present you and your business to the public eye. Depending on the type of business you operate, describing the process of a service or rewards of a product will draw attention to the industry you work in and to your business. At the same time, putting the information into an organized book form will aid you in presenting your company to clients when your face to face.

A book can help you to win customers too. Essentially, a book based on the particular service or product you offer is an extended business card. Making it available to potential clients highlights how your business can fulfill a need or want that your customer has and directs them towards your business.

3. Boost credibility

Thinking about the idea that a the book is an extended business card, it will help to boost your credibility. A a potential client can get a feel for your knowledge and experience through a book in a way that they are unable to get from a simple advertisement; therefore, a book gives you credibility that you have the knowledge and experience to provide them with the service or product they want or need.

2. Find your focus

At the same time, by researching and organizing your book, you can increase your knowledge of a particular subject; therefore, helping you to find your focus. Writing a book can aid you in taking a look at your strengths and weakness as well as a way to better refine your businesses process. Weaknesses are a challenge for business owners, so finding a more organizing method of facing a weak point by focusing on it can help you to overcome the weakness and improve your business.

4. Gain new clients

Writing a book all in itself is a rewarding process. Putting your ideas, knowledge, and experience down on paper offers a lot of personal rewards, but when considering your business, it can provide a lot more rewards for increasing your credibility and your selling power for gaining clients. A book can be an aid in helping you overcome challenges and find a focus for the overall business and specific areas of your business. Mostly, writing a book can put you out in the public eye gaining you more attention then just regular marketing can provide.