If you are crazy about books, then you have landed at the right place. “This year’s spring will be a season for all the book lovers,” according to Issa Asad Florida author and entrepreneur. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both located in South Florida. He is also the author of four social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books.

In this article, you will find Issa Asad 7 magical books you need to read this spring.

1. A House for Happy Mothers: A Novel, by Amulya Malladi

This is a wonderful novel that depicts the life of women with an impressive narration. The author has glorified the qualities of women and makes you feel good when you read the story. The novel is about Priya and Asha who are connected through the surrogacy industry which Priya approaches as she is unable to bear children. Asha is chosen to carry the baby for Priya. It is then followed by a line of incidents that has been narrated in a great way.

2. The House of Bradbury, by Nicole Meier

This is a story about Mia who aims to become a famous writer. She faces a line of incidents in her life that has not let her pursue her interest in a smooth manner. Under certain circumstances, she was compelled to buy a home that was previously owned by a legendary writer Ray Bradbury. Mia thinks she can pursue her writing in the new home, but fate has something else to do with her.

3. A Criminal Magic, by Lee Kelly

This is a novel that portrays magical world just like that of the Harry Potter series. But it has been portrayed in a different way. In the story, magic is outlawed and this leads to the growth of underworld magic. The young sorcerer named Joan Kendrick is a part of the undercover prohibition magical team now. She meets a fellow sorcerer there and what follows next is the rest of the story.

4. Glass Shatters, by Michelle Meyers 

This is a book for all the mystery and thrill lovers. The story is about Charles Lang who does not have any clue about his past or present. It is then followed by a series of incidents about how he unravels himself to be a great scientist and how his wife and daughter went missing long back ago. How does Charles succeed in finding his true self and his missing wife and daughter is the plot of the novel.

5. The Ex: A Novel, by Alafair Burke

The novel is about love and also has some elements of scandal and mystery. It narrates the story of Jack Harris who is shattered by the sudden death of his loving wife. The story then moves three years later where Jack is cornered for a triple homicide through a beautiful stranger. It then follows a series of mysterious events that will keep you engaged until the end.

6. The Full Catastrophe, by Karen Elizabeth Lee

This will deal with the life of a woman who struggles to lead a life after the death of her husband due to cancer. She is keen in bringing some sense to her life she leads and decides to become a Jungian psychology. How she succeeded in overcoming the separation of her husband, forms the rest of the story.

7. All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation, by Rebecca Traister

This is a book that brilliantly describes the importance of the unmarried women in America who helped to build a stronger nation. The author is a journalist and she has given credits to all the great women who devoted their lives to bring up the nation to a good shape.