Issa Asad 5 Truths for New Authors with a Book Idea

Self-publishing a book is becoming more and more common today. Amazon makes more than $5 billion from ebooks alone. Such a number could only mean there is a lot of great and profitable opportunities for inspiring authors.

“With millions of ebooks being published every year, becoming a successful author may seem impossible to many,” explained Issa Asad Florida author, businessman, and entrepreneur. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. He is also the author of 4 social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books, including Instant Profits with Instagram and Instant Profits with Snapchat.

According to a study by Nick Morgan, the average book sell less than 250 copies. With all the months of writing and preparation, selling 250 books can not only be bad for business, but it can also be very disheartening. So, how do you make your book stand out and sell? Here are Issa Asad 5 truths for new authors with a book idea.

1. Self-Publishing Is Hard Work

Self-publishing has changed the world of writing. But as easy as it may look, it takes a lot of work to self-publish and sell a good book. Normally, a professional publisher handles the editing, designing and everything else involved in creating and selling a book. As a self-publisher, all this is your work. It takes so much to create a successful book, and writing is simply the first step.

2. Get Your Book Professionally Edited 

One of the greatest mistake first time authors make is not hiring an editor. Getting a few friends and family to read and review your book is good, but not good enough for your book. You need a professional editor. Readers can tell an unedited book and this kills sales. So, get professional editors (content editor and a copy editor) to design the interior and exterior of your book.

3. Invest in Marketing

Millions of books are published every year. However, most of these books don’t sell as much as the authors’ expectations, yet the books are actually good. There are many reasons why a good book flops, but marketing is one of the biggest. It doesn’t matter how good the book is, you need to invest time and money to let the world know about its existence. As an author, you are responsible for promoting your own books. In this day and age, you can do this by increasing your online presence, starting a blog and being active on social media and online forums.

4. You Can Price Your Book More Than 99 Cents

With so many books, like many beginners, you may be tempted to sell at lowest price. However, this is not always right. Before your price your book, understand its value and then price it accordingly. Keep in mind that underpricing your book doesn’t automatically result in more sales. This is because your ebook may have a lower perceived value and this turns the reader off. So believe in your work and price it properly.

5. Write Multiple Books

Most successful authors have more than one book in the market. If your readers fall in love with your story, they will want another book. By writing and publishing multiple books you can create your own royal readers. So, when writing your first book, keep the idea of a series in mind. This will give your books greater chances of selling.