Issa Asad 5 New Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement for Your Business

Anybody would agree with me that Twitter is one of the major players in today’s social media marketing. “With nearly three hundred and twenty monthly active users, it is quite easy to tell why Twitter is probably the main platform being used by most marketers and businesses across the globe,” said Issa Asad Florida tech guru, social media expert, and author of 4 social media marketing and e-commerce e-books. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

However, the biggest question is, how do you get some of these million monthly users to engage them on your posts and click on your contents? Well, worry less because the article examines top five best ways in which entrepreneurs can use Twitter so as to engage their audience more effectively and promote their product presence.

1. Make Use of Polls

Twitter polls have currently become a comparatively new way for businesses to engage their clients on Twitter. These poll tweets hugely differ from the regular tweets, bearing in mind that Twitter offers you the opportunity to add the use of all of your one hundred and forty characters, plus the poll responses, with a total of twenty-five characters in each of the four options.Additionally, Twitter polls are the magic of the anonymity! If you didn’t know, anonymous votes could potentially result in increased participation of your audience. Again, poll votes can be retweeted just like the regular tweets, hence providing you with the additional reach, participation, and votes.

2. Be Direct

If you are using Twitter as your marketing platform, then you could as well consider changing your direct message settings. Why? This will enable probably anyone, and not just individual followers, to send you a DM. The prospect of taking public conversations from your mentions to the private DM space offer lots of benefits including: Firstly; you are primed to provide better support to your clients, simply by troubleshooting and understanding the exact issue a particular client has reported on Twitter. Additionally, it offers unlimited character spacing, since there is no longer 140 character limit on Twitter direct messages. As a matter of fact, it was made easy by Twitter for marketers to change from public conversation to Direct Messages with their clients, by just adding a “send a private message” link within the tweets.

The benefits don’t end there either, and you can send informative media such as videos, images, and GIFs over DM. You can have a private conversation with many Twitter users at a go, by sending out a group Direct Messages.

3. Provide Adequate Customer Support

Perhaps Twitter is one such platform that allows marketers to provide constant support to their customers, thanks to its real-time nature. Each time a client comments about your brand, you are given an opportunity to have an engagement with them. And never mind about the negative tweets, as they too are beneficial for your brand development. You can learn from them and improve on the nature of your product.

Maximum customer support on Twitter is only possible when your customer support functions well. Twitter is just one of those channels, and therefore efforts should be made to integrate it with other channels that your brand is using, so as to offer maximum support.

4. Quote Your Tweets by Retweeting

Bearing in mind that Twitter now allows you to use your older tweets, this can be a very useful way to retweet any of your older content which you consider as relevant with current events, and if you think it can lead to increased engagement, as compared to the first time you posted it.

Additionally, you can use the quote to add comments to your earlier tweets or to proceed with a story you started narrating with a previous tweet.

5. Make Real-Time Tweets

Take advantage of the Twitter’s real-time nature and always tweet as often as you can. You should always be available to listen to tweets concerning the brand of yours, and answer questions and engage your audience with quality content. Use mobile apps that keep you updated and aid to listen and capture the views of people regarding your brand, even when you are on the go!

Just understand that you are getting it wrong with Twitter if you are neither listening or engaging in real-time. Additionally, you are not only missing opportunities, but you are also likely to be hit by public humiliation. If you know nothing about public humiliation, then probably you’ve heard about the Amtrak case!

It is only recently that Amtrak responded to a woman’s tweet, who had tweeted about being trapped at an airport by an Amtrak elevator. Perhaps they were humiliated to realize that their response was seven months after the woman’s original tweet. Clearly, as a marketer, you don’t want to get into a similar situation.