Nowadays, any marketing strategy should include social media as a key ingredient. There is a large percentage of people online, thus, a business that ignores the power of social media in increasing sales does so at its own peril. Moreover, unlike other marketing techniques that are sometimes expensive, social media marketing is absolutely free.

“To maximize conversions, businesses should correctly optimize its Facebook page,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur, and author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of 2 companies, including Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. “A well-optimized business page guarantees the business better rankings.’

Below are rules that an individual can follow to leverage the potential of a Facebook business page to increase conversions. These are 4 ways to optimize your Facebook business pages.

1. Give the Page a Good Name

It is of critical importance for any business person to decide on a good name for the Facebook Business page right off the bat. Remember a person gets to choose the Facebook Business Page name only once and it remains so for as long as the page continues existing. It is also important to note that the first word of your Facebook Business Page is the most important thing in the eyes of Google. Therefore, it is not right to crowd the page title with common or general keywords. Otherwise, you risk people avoiding to engage your page or sharing any of your updates as they would think the page is spam.

Good practice is to get a decent name which can aptly describe the business and represent its personality. And that should be the reason for creating a Facebook Business Page in the first place.

2. Create a Profile with Up-to-Date Information

A complete and plausible profile is worth a thousand words: it tells your audience that your page is often engaged, you are serious and that you are professional. In addition, let all the social media channels speak the same thing about your business or yourself- consistency. If the channels contradict each other, then it dents your plausibility. Ensure that your cover photo, avatar, bio and profile information are complete and have current information regarding the business.

3. Use the “About Us” Section Well

There is some information that visitors would be looking for whenever they visit your Facebook Business Page. They probably want to have all the details to your business- details such as the location of your office, services that you offer, working hours, etc. The “About Us” section is the place to provide all that. This section is also the appropriate place to accentuate the values and benefits of the products or services that you sell to the customers.

There is also room for Meta Description. Here you need to provide a short, apt description so it may be correctly shown in the search engine snippet, in both mobiles and desktops.

4. Optimize Facebook Posts

The Search Engine Results Page uses the first 18 characters of each and every Facebook post as the Meta title and the Meta description. You should therefore take advantage of the fact that you may include a description in any content or picture that you are going to upload in Facebook.

The above were 4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Pages.