In a fast paced online world, the things that worked for you a few years ago may not work in 2016. That is why it is very important for you to change your social media marketing techniques and do things that will work in 2016.

Issa Asad Florida social media expert and entrepreneur says that “if you want to have a major impact on social media, you should put your energy on connecting with more people and using strategies that work.” Mr. Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books, found on Amazon.

Here are Issa Asad 4 profitable social media marketing tips for 2016:

1. Partner with Influencers

Brands have learnt the benefits of engaging with people who have a great influence on social media. This why many brands are actively partnering with people who can influence many people on social media. This is something that has been working before and it still continues to work. Businesses that chose to go down this path have enjoyed up to 6 times returns on their investments. Today’s consumers trust their relatives, friends, and social media influences more than they trust paid marketing. In this type of advertisement, you just have to look for people who have a great influence on social media and ask them to promote your products or business.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media Advertising

If you have been creating post and sharing them on social media and if you have been engaging in online conversations actively, you should try to do more in 2016 by using social media advertising. You should use both Facebook and Twitter advertising.

Social media ads provide you with a great way of showcasing your new products, new services, and new brands. Most adults in the US actively use the social media. A majority of young people are also on social media. Your social media advertisements will definitely have a huge impact. If you did not have social media campaign in 2015, you should definitely have a comprehensive plan for 2016.

3. Use Special Promotion and Deals

Giving exclusive deals and promotions to your social media followers will not only lead to more sales, it will also help you have a larger audience and more customers. Offer special deals and promotions to your followers on a regular basis. Deals and promotion can also make your customer more loyal to your brand, products, or services.

4. Live Stream

If you have not tried live streaming before, you should definitely try it in 2016. Live streaming provides you with an opportunity to show the faces that are behind your brand. Live streaming gives customers an idea of what happens behind the scenes in your business. Creating a human face for your business will inspire loyalty and you will also be able to create new connections. If you are operating a non-profit business, live streaming can help you to show the contributors and potential investors the tough job that your team does behind the scenes.