Is your Facebook investment giving you the return you were expecting? Issa Asad Florida businessman says that the best way to get the optimal performance from ads is by ensuring that you direct the ads to the right audience. Who is Mr. Asad? He is the CEO of 2 companies located across South Florida: Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Below are Issa Asad 3 Tips for Profitable Facebook Ads that can yield more sales, fans, or leads.

1. Get the Facebook Ads Into News Feeds

More than 60 percent of Facebook users all over the word access the Facebook service using their mobile phones and tablets. If your current advertisements on Facebook are added to the right-hand column using ads dashboard, it is important to note that more that 60 percent of you potential fans cannot access these ads. Users who access Facebook through these gadgets cannot view your ads because the gadgets contain no right-hand column. So, you need to consider adding some of your ads on the News Feed Placements to solve this problem. This can actually increase your profitability by up to 2.5 times more than when relying on desktop ads only.

You may find it more difficult to insert you add into the News Feed especially if you are used to dashboard ads only. You need to use Power Editor (it is okay to start by using a free Power Editor Chrome plugin) in order to put your Facebook ads into the New Feeds. There are many resources to help you install and use the Power Editor; even there is the Facebook guide on how to use it, so there is no need to worry.

The main feature that needs much of your attention is the “Placement” feature that will help you to take any ad and choose if you need to go to your user’s Mobile-only, Desktop or both New feeds. As you need to maximize the exposure of your ads in the News Feed, it is obvious to choose both the Mobile-only and Desktop both New feeds.

2. Use “Customer Audiences” to Boost Your Sales

You need to reap maximally the benefits coming along with the advancing technology. Today’s technology allows you to sync up the email list with you marketing on the Facebook – a convenient way that enables you to make your target people your leads.

The “custom audiences” features enable your target audience to get your ads via Facebook whenever you set an ad. You only need to select the target group in the target section of the “custom audience” on the ads dashboard after uploading you are the list directly to Facebook.

3. Adhere to the 20% Rule

According to the recent changes made by Facebook to the guidelines of using Facebook ads in the News Feed, the text overlaying any image-based advertisement that target mobile Facebook users should be less than twenty percent of the entire ad image. Otherwise, you will have to pay a penalty if you get caught.

For your image ads to be approved by Facebook for placement in the News Feed, the ad must contain less than 20% text. So, ensure that you use an image that is mostly graphics with insignificant text on them.