Are you a writer? Do you want to publish your book? These are some of the questions that many writers often ask themselves before publishing their books for readers worldwide.

Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, social media expert, and author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books says “often, self-publishers feel that they just don’t know whether their book is ready to be published.”

However, if you know the market well, you will understand these signs thus helping you make a wise decision on whether to publish your book or not. Here are Issa Asad 3 signs your book is not ready to be published:

1. You Lack a Strong Platform for Your Book  

What is a platform? When we refer to a platform, we mean a strong built-in audience that you are targeting in market after publishing your book. In other words, when you lack readers, the chances that you will sell the book after publishing is very low. This means you have to take your time to understand your audience that you target before you can go ahead and publish your book.

In addition, you need to time to build a strong platform, which will help you promote your book after its publication. Many of the authors have been finding it hard to publish their books by publishers since they lack platform to sell their book after completion. What should you do? When you need to publish your book, you must start by building your platform before you can make a decision to publish your book or not.

Why is a strong platform important? With platform regardless of the genre, you will have the foundation to promote your book easily thus enabling you to make sales in the market.

2. No Plan to Promote Your Book After Publishing Your Book 

Publishing a book is not the end of everything. You should ensure that you have both time and energy for promotion of your book or come up a good promotion plan for yourself. Most publishers often reject aspiring authors since they lack promotion plans when coming up with the proposals, or either those plan are not realistic or strong enough. Authors are anticipated to assist in selling their books. In addition, most publishers often need good business partners, those who will come up with the product — “their book” — and assist make it successful. You must show that you are business savvy by promoting your book if you were to make money.

Through this, you will always be certain that you would make more money by selling your book to the potential readers at the same time building a reputation for yourself. You will also grow your audience thus increasing success for successive books.

3. Lack of Funds To Get a Professional-Quality Book

You need money for editing, design, proofing, e-book conversion, indexing, and many other important tasks. This means you have to ensure that you have adequate funds that will help you do all these before publishing your book. For those who cannot afford editors, proofreaders, designers and other costs such as copyright filing, ISBN numbers, website design, and printed books for reviewers, you will have to wait before publishing the book.