Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram tears down the walls between the business and its customers and followers. For this reason, the way you present your Instagram account has to be hypnotic in a way that it will draw in your followers and keep them there. If the content is dismal, if images aren’t fun, and if people aren’t hypnotized and constantly drawn in, then you can’t expect them to stick around. How do you create that hypnotic account, and create the content that will keep them coming back for more?

Regardless of the type of business you run or what type of follower you are trying to attract, your content has to be hypnotic, especially on this platform as it is strictly visual. These are a few ways to create that type of content, and an Instagram account people can’t turn away from.

Practice Quality Engagement

You have to choose a photo for your profile page that is engaging. You want your visitors to feel as if they are drawn in to you, and can’t look away. The same goes for images you add, and video content you choose to add. If it doesn’t keep them wanting more, then why should you put it on the page? Engaging content, and images that cause people to want to see more is the type of things you want to be adding to your page.

Get Endorsements

If you can get celebrity endorsement or a big name to endorse via the use of hashtags, do so. Coca Cola, Nike, Hilton and all the big name players all use the right mix of images and endorsement. If your followers are engaged with the people they see using a brand, then they are going to want to do the same. If their favorite celebrity is wearing your brand, then use the right hashtags. Not only do people mimic their favorite celebrities, but they are also likely to think more highly of your brand. So use the right hashtags, get the right people to promote and use the right mix when you are posting the images to your account page.

Keep Your Content “Hypnotic”

In poetry, Shakespeare was hypnotic with his rhymes and pentameter. In sports, Michael Jordan was the biggest name and was the most well-known athlete in the league. You have to make the images you post so hypnotic, so as to make people never want to turn away. If your content is great, then you are going to draw people in and hypnotize them to the products that you are trying to sell to them.

Just like greats in their own sport or in their respective career field, you have to find a way to make your account hypnotic in the sense that people can’t stop coming back to see what you have done, or what new picture you have chosen to add for the day. So make sure it is content that is fresh, that is currently hot and that people can’t stop talking about, as this will help build your Instagram account.