With the release of the Hyperlapse a few weeks ago, more and more accounts are making use of the app and ditching traditional video posting on Instagram. Hyperlapse is a new app from Instagram that captures time lapse videos on your phone, even while you’re in motion. The app uses your phone’s build-in stabilization features to record videos and then instantly speeds them up between 1x-12x with a simple tap of the button. You can then save the video in your phone or share it on Instagram via Hyperlapse.

There are a number of ways to use the app to showcase a product or show people what they can expect from the company in the future. These are a few fun ways to use the app, and to integrate the new app to help build on the Instagram account you have created.

Use these methods to get hundreds of new followers on Instagram simply by using Hyperlapse.

Pan Shots

One company, Mercedes, has made use of this method to showcase their new vehicles. By showing panoramic, circular views of the new car, followers can easily see it from various angles and it showcases the car in far more depth than images would do. So consider using a panoramic style of shooting to create still shots, which will in turn create a short video run of the product or service offered.

Contest Entries and Fan Interaction

A great way to use short time lapse videos is to let fans or followers get into the mix. If you are unveiling a new product and fans want to record their reaction upon receipt, this is a great way to create a short clip to showcase various followers. You can put together a series of the short time lapse films showing how fans are reacting, or how they are opening the new product. Not only does this allow you to bring more brand recognition to the table, it allows your fans to show how they reacted and received the new product that was delivered.

Virtual Tour

For casinos, hotels, theme parks or other new facilities which are soon to open, creating a short virtual tour of such destinations is something that Hyperlapse was specifically created for. This not only gives people a firsthand look at amenities and new things to come, it also allows them to step in to these facilities, even if they are not able to make it in person. And it gives them a firsthand look at what is to come, if a new project is in the works and is being built for future enjoyment by the fans.

Boost Engagement behind the Scenes

One great way to bring your customers closer is to show them what goes on behind the scenes. Using Hyperlapse, you can take short video snippets of a team building activity, or employees working on a new project. This will give them a short glimpse of what is to come, and will help engage your followers so they can experience it first hand before the new product release.

There are a number of ways to use the short video clips; you can choose to involve the fans and followers, go behind the scenes or do something as simple as a virtual tour. All of these are interactive and when properly delivered, can go a long way in showing your followers what new projects you are working on or what future projects are to come.