Issa Asad Florida TwitterTwitter has a great pool of individuals and communities with an extensive knowledge of digital marketing. It is always important to keep an eye out for these people because through them, we understand what is going on around us. Some of them are popular; others are not. However, between them lie volumes of experience, which is what they seek to impart every time they send out a tweet.

“You may not always agree with them, but we all have to admit that their take is spot on most of the times,” advised Issa Asad, Florida-based CEO and entrepreneur since 1996. Asad is currently the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida.

If you want to keep informed of what is going on around social media, follow these 10 social media marketing experts on Twitter now.

1. Dave Peck

Dave is in charge of social media and digital marketing at PayPal. He loves to weigh in on important matters all the time, all over the Internet.

2. Mike Stelzner

Stelzner does not know what it is to live without tweeting, and he likes to share gems through posts, conferences, and informative blogs.

3. Eve Mayer

She is the quintessential queen of LinkedIn, dispensing advice to beginners and veterans alike. Here interests lie in various aspects of the site, ranging from personal information to professional profiles.

4. Ann Tran

Ann gives her take on basically everything so long as it has a connection with travel. She is passionate about moving around the world and is also handy when it comes to dishing out social media strategies. She now has close to half a million followers on Twitter.

5. Marshal Collier

She is no pushover either as she has had a prolific writing career that has spanned decades. As at the moment, she has written 48 books, of which most have been on e-commerce and the general online marketplace.

6. Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans goes by the tag of a digital correspondent, and it is not just a title either; she has established herself as an authority in her field, attracting the attentions of firms like PayPal and Cisco.

7. Scot Monty

Scot epitomizes what is good about being a guru on digital and social media marketing; authority. His word is always taken without questions and his analyses are usually very insightful.

8. Bonny Sainsbury

Based in Vancouver, Bonnie always likes to talk about trends in the social media. She makes amazing observations and has an interesting take on the future of social media marketing strategies. In her own way, she wants to change the way social media is perceived and does not seem likely to relent in her goal any time soon.

9. Pam Moore

Her specialty is marketing, and she has put out quite a bit of thought-stirring tweets on the subject. She veers off the conventional methods of marketing and advises her followers to pursue modern methods of reaching out to potential clients. She supports automation but believes that the mouth is the most convincing marketing tool.

10. Brian Carter

Incredibly, this guy has been around for as long as social media has. He is synonymous with insight and has even written a book, The Cowbell Principle.