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Images are excellent. They allow your followers to see the product, see the development and to see what goes on behind the scenes. However, images can only go so far; just like words they are limited in that they do not move, nor do they provide sound.

Although images are a step up from simply having lines of text explaining things, the addition of video, such as videos to your Instagram account is something that you should consider integrating to your business account as well. It gives your followers yet one more way to see what is going on behind the scenes, what product lines you are going to come up with next and other fun snippets that you choose to share through your account.

Just like Twitter introduced Vine videos, Instagram has come up with its own video format, allowing you to share short video clips just as you would share images on your account.

Vine vs Instagram from the Issa Asad Book
“Instagram vs Vine” by Jordan Crooks

What Can You Do with Video?

There are a number of benefits that Instagram videos provide to business customers.

Some of the benefits of using video include:

You can create fifteen second clips, in comparison to only 6.5 seconds allowed for Vine videos on Twitter. This gives your followers more to see, more to enjoy and a longer glimpse of wheat’s to come in the future.

You can use the same filters as you would use on your images. You can still use the great tools that Instagram has to offer with image posting to create the best quality scripts possible when you choose to share video clips with your followers.

You can edit your videos. If there is a problem with volume, if something isn’t in tune with the audio or if there are other issues with your video, you can use editing tools to correct these errors.

With Instagram video not only do your followers get to see fun clips you choose to share, they also get to see them in the best resolution and in the best lighting possible as well. When you post your videos, make sure to make use of these tools just as you would when filtering an image that you post to the site. It will allow your followers to see the video in the best resolution and quality, and will allow them to truly appreciate the short clip that you have put together to share and post on your account.

Above are a few of the additional differences between Vine and Instagram video. Not only can you do and share more, you can save the videos and you can create high quality content, which is always what you want to share with your followers through your business account.

Don’t Stop with Instagram!

If you have a blog, a business site or other online pages, your followers can read about your products and services.

Why not embed the videos you post on Instagram to these sites as well? Not only is it going to elicit more traffic, it is going to allow followers of different social media platforms and of your blogs to view the videos as well. So even if they do not have an Instagram account, they are going to be able to view the video that you have shared with other followers.

It is important to know when and how to use images and videos, and when to embed them. Do not overuse this feature, as it can create a disconnect. Some people who are on your blog are there for the simplicity, and because they like reading about updates and changes. Make sure to keep this in mind, and only embed the videos when it is relevant, when it is necessary, when it is going to add some kind of value to a blog post or when you are posting a new story on any one of your other online sites.

By embedding, you are going to extend the reach of your videos, and are going to expand on the number of people who will view your video. Using Instagram alone, you never know who will share the video, or how many of your followers are actually going to see every video post that you choose to share on your account.

By simply embedding the video on to other sites, such as a blog, you increase visibility and the amount of times the video post is going to be seen. It will help to extend the reach of the content you are creating, extend the number of times the content is going to be shared and will expand upon the potential audience.

When Should You Use Video?

There are so many things that video can convey to an audience that an image just won’t convey.

If your company is coming out with a new revolutionary product, you can share this in video. If you are reaching a milestone, whether it is the number of clients you have or the number of years you have been in business, video can convey this extremely well. If you would like to hold a competition, or would like to ask your customers to create content for your site, using video is the ideal medium to go through in order to connect your customers and the business in one location.

Using video simply to show an employee being silly at work won’t have an impact on your followers; in fact, it might have a negative impact if the video does not add any value to them. But, if you are discussing new products which are going to be released, upcoming sale events, closeout deals or other information that video content will convey to them, in an enjoyable and easy to understand manner, then why not use it to reach out to your followers?

Fan appreciation videos are even great, as they show your customers you are thankful that they have chosen to do business with you, and you can always offer them some kind of incentive to continue doing business with you in the future through these short video clips.

Include Your Followers in Milestones

On a daily basis, businesses can reach a big milestone.

If a new company has just earned one thousand followers, this might be a great accomplishment. If the business has been in business for fifty years, this is a milestone that not every business is going to reach in its lifetime.

Why not share these, and other milestones with your followers? By making them feel as if they are a part of your success, they are going to want to continue being a customer of yours, and continue doing business with your company.

The minute your followers and customers feel unappreciated, they are going to turn elsewhere, and are possibly going to turn to one of your competitors. A simple way to not allow this to happen, and to keep your customers happy, is to keep them in the loop and to always make them feel as if they are a part of the business. You want your followers to feel they are a major reason that your business has been such as major success for so many years.

With the addition of video to Instagram, you can easily do this for your customers. You can share the major successes, you can include them in major changes that are going to come in the near future and you can even interact by asking your followers and customers for suggestions as to how you can improve your business and the quality of service you offer to them.

The milestones, accomplishments and big news you want to share with your followers will be far more significant, and will have far more of an impact on them when it comes in video form. This is opposed to simply posting a photo that says 50 year anniversary on it.

Personalize the Videos

Using video is a great way to personalize a message as well. It allows your followers to feel as if they are a part of the team, and that you want to include them in up and coming decisions to be made, or new product innovations that you have in line for the company. Regardless of what it is that you choose to share via video, it is a great way to connect with your followers and show they you truly care about them.

Video gives viewers the impression that you are actually speaking to them, asking for their opinion or otherwise would like to gain more knowledge as to what they are thinking about something that you are discussing in that video. For this reason, it is important to create messages which connect you to the viewer, which allow your followers to feel they are a part of the conversation or discussion and to create content that is interesting. You want to make sure you can keep them engaged for the entire fifteen seconds that they watch the video.

The Impact of Video

Video is an easy way to bring things to life. The things that your followers usually see on several images are going to come to life. When they see a celebration, they are going to see the people behind it.

No matter what you choose to use the video posts for, make sure it is something that is relevant to your followers and customers, and something that includes them as a part of the family that you have built. The impact a short video can have on a customer can help retain them as a customer and draw in several new customers, or can draw them to your competitors. So, make sure your video posts are properly utilized, and that they are done in tasteful manner when you choose to share them on Instagram with your followers.

Using video is simply one more way to connect with followers, and give them a little more insight as to what goes on within the organization. Using video will allow you to showcase major accomplishments, changes or new things which are going to come in the future for your company.

Additionally, the use of video is going to allow you to connect with your customers and your Instagram followers in a way an image doesn’t allow you to do. So using video is a great way to connect, keep your followers in the loop and to make them feel as if they are an integral part of the business you have built over the years.[/fusion_text]


Issa Asad AuthorIssa Asad is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist from Miami, Florida. Issa Asad  has over 15 years of experience in the marketing, technology and telecommunications industries. Mr. Asad has been the Co-Founder, Founder, Managing Member, President, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of multiple technology, telecom and online-based companies.