When people feel a close tie to the company, they are more likely to buy from that company. And if your followers feel as if you are making an effort to show them what is going on, what you are doing for them and how you are developing the best new products for them, it is going to help build the tie. So, your customers will feel like a friend rather than a customer and they are likely to continue to stay along for the ride, rather than turn to a competitor for the product lines they offer for sale.

Make it a Series of Snaps

When you choose to show off a new project, do so regularly. If you are working on a project that should be released in one year or even one month, make sure to show the progress as it takes place. The first snap you share could be of the materials used in production. A few days later, share an image of the first piece being put together. Continually add snaps every few days just to show the customers the progress as it is taking place.

Like any project we work on, when we see things coming together, we know it is almost coming to a close. So, if your customer can see the work you are doing, can see the improvements and can track the progress as it takes place, they are going to be far more excited to see the end product when it is finally ready to be unveiled to them. If you keep them along for the ride, they are going to feel as if they were a part of the production, as if they had a say in the new product and it is going to make them feel far more inclined to purchase the new product that has taken so much time and effort for your business to put together.

Know Your Release Dates

Just like you want to add a series of snaps, make sure the snaps you send out coincide with the date for the new product release. What good is it going to do if your customers find a picture of the final product (through an external third party site) before you ever post that snap through your Snapchat account? Not only are your followers going to feel as if you are hiding something from them, they are also going to feel betrayed. They will feel as if the product has already been developed and that you are simply stringing them along in an attempt to get them to buy a product that has already been developed for quite some time.

If you choose to use the snaps to share the development, make sure images don’t leak out to other third party sites before they should, and make sure you are honest and forthcoming with the dates to those who do follow you on Snapchat. You want to show your followers you are a loyal and honest company, so it is a good idea to make sure you have your dates in line and show them things as they unfold, so that the customer always feels as if they know what is going on during the entire development phase for the new product.

A good way to determine how well a product will do is to show off a new project before it is in the works. Doing this allows your customers to see what you have planned, will help create a buzz around it and will help with word of mouth and marketing for the new product before your company ever begins the development phase. Not only will it help get the word out there that you are developing a new product, it will also help to increase in awareness and in consumer loyalty before the product ever hits the market, and before the product is ever ready for sales to the general public take place.