Author: Issa Asad
Apps are another one of the major Instagram trends today. Like hashtags, they allow people to share images in a number of unique ways. Since there are so many apps available for nearly every platform out there, apps are going to allow your followers to view your images, and to share them with others in a number of unique ways.

Using the best apps for photo sharing, and adding in the right filter to ensure your images always look top notch are a couple of things that you should do as you are developing your account, and as you are adding in the new images that you want to share with your followers on your Instagram account page.

Apps: The Power in Social Sharing

You can easily enhance your photo sharing as a business owner on Instagram by letting your followers view the images you post through the many apps that are available for photo sharing today. There are so many apps out there that it allows your followers to find and share images in a number of ways.

Some apps which are available today allow your followers to:

– Print out the images which are shared, and have a physical copy. This not only allows them to share the images online, but also in print form as well.

– Search for images. Using a specific keyword, hashtag or other relevant phrase, your followers will be able to find a specific style of image that you have posted on your Instagram account. This not only eliminates the need to go photo by photo to find what they are looking for, it also allows them to group together a specific type of photo that they would like to view, and potentially share with others in the future.

– Use email to subscribe. If an individual who is on Instagram finds a photo that they like posted by your business, they can view others. Certain apps then allow them to follow your business via email and subscribe to your Instagram page, which means new customers and more people seeing the images which are posted on your account.

– Use folders to download images. Certain apps allow your followers to download all photos, and create archives and folders to place the images in. This allows for more organization, and allows your followers to view, share and post the images you have on your account to other social media platforms as well.

By simply incorporating these apps to your marketing mix, you can quickly and easily share more photos, get new followers and potentially gain new customers, which will in turn help increase your profit margins.

Add the Right Apps to the Mix

These, and other popular photo sharing apps should be added to your account so your followers can use them. The easier it is for your followers to find an image they want to see, to subscribe to your page or to share an image, the more it is going to do for your business in the future.

So when adding images to your account, make sure you are using the right apps, which make it easier for your followers to view the images in the way they want to view them and to easily share the images which they like best.

There are dozens of apps available for Instagram; so you do not have to limit yourself, nor do you have to choose between similar apps which will allow you to set up your account in a particular way. The more you use, the more structure you give to your Instagram page; the easier you make it for your followers to view what they want to view, the more beneficial it is going to be to your business.

Utilize these tools, as they are not only simple to use, but a majority of them are free for you to use when you are setting up your page. So you can quickly and easily create folders, or move images to a specific section of the page when you are adding images to your account. In turn, it allows your followers to see what they want to see, to easily share images and to view the images that you post to your Instagram account, on any platform they are using to access your business page.

Create the Best Fit

When using Instagram, there are also a number of filters which you can use in order to ensure each image you post looks as professional (or amateur) as you want it to appear. If you want to highlight a color on a piece of fabric, there is a filter for that. Or, if you want the image to look as natural as possible as if it was not modified in any way, there is also an app for that.

Due to the fact that you are setting up a business account on Instagram, it is extremely important that you only post images that look great, are not grainy and allow your followers to see your company in the best light. For these reasons, it is important to make use of the filters, juxtaposing positions and other tools that are available to you when you are posting an image to Instagram; this ensures your customer is always going to see that image, the way it was truly meant for them to see it.

Most top companies are on Instagram today (nearly 59% of top businesses), this means, regardless of the industry your business is in, or the type of product you sell, your competition is likely using Instagram.

Therefore, you need to make sure the images you are posting not only look better than theirs, but also showcase to your followers why they should purchase from you, and continue to do business with you. This is opposed to turning to a different company that offers a similar type of product or service, which is in the same industry as your business.
Although filters do modify the appearance of certain images, the color and other design elements, they are not simply about the aesthetic appeal when it comes to sharing images on Instagram. The filters which are chosen by different businesses can also say quite a bit about the business, their ethics, the work they do and the messages which they want to convey to their customers.

So it is important to keep this in mind when deciding on the right use of filters, and deciding how to present the images that you share on the social media platform. Not only does a certain type of lighting let followers view an image in a particular way, it will also give a certain view about your business. It is important to know what the different filters say about your business, and how you conduct business, and also to know how this is going to be viewed by those who are following you on the social media platform.

You want your business to be viewed in the best possible light in terms of your honesty, and how you conduct business with your clients. For this reason when posting images and choosing filters, juxtaposition, images, direction and positioning, you have to know how to properly do so, and how the choices you make are going to affect your audience who will be viewing the images that you are sharing on the site.

Not only do you want it to be a great looking image that you post, but you also want it to say the right things about your business, and how you conduct business with the customers that are following you on Instagram.

Don’t Remain Stagnant

Since the filters, juxtaposition and other factors tell your followers a little bit about you, don’t keep things the same with every single image you post. If you choose to go with a lighter filter for one image, choose a different filter for a few other images that you post. This not only keeps your followers guessing, it is also going to show your followers that you know how to use these tools on Instagram, and that you want to present them with the best possible view of the images that you are sharing.

When you shake things up, when you present different images in different ways. When you are using all of the available resources you have, this is going to have an impact in how your followers view you and what they think about the images that you choose to share, about your product and about the business that you operate.

It is a good idea to use natural filters as well as those which highlight certain product attributes. It is also important to properly place items that are being photographed to ensure the right focal point is seen with each image posted on your account. A filter change can make a world of difference in how a product is viewed, and whether it is going to receive more likes or dislikes when you finally post it to your Instagram account.

You want your images to look good, and you want your followers to be able to see the main focal point with each image you choose to share on Instagram. This is where filters and proper positioning will come in to play. Use the tools that are available to you and learn how to share images in the best light.

Make sure you keep this in mind, utilize the tools properly and make sure you understand how using filters and other tools is going to showcase more about you and your business.

Furthermore, learn how to share on different platforms. Apps are one of your best friends today—use them. Not only will they allow you to share your images in the way your visitors want to see them, but will allow you to share them on different platforms. People have more options in terms of what they are seeing and what they can share.

Apps will make image sharing a breeze, will allow your visitors to view images how they want to see them and will eventually lead to more sharing and subscriptions.