Issa Asad and Q Link Puts Together Proposal to Purchase Boost Mobile

Many interested buyers are currently developing bids that range as high as $3 billion for the prepaid phone brand Boost Mobile. The company will be available for purchase as a result of the possible Sprint and T-Mobile merger.

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Q Link Wireless Puts Together Proposal to Purchase Boost Mobile

According to CNBC, Q Link Wireless is

Issa Asad Shares 4 New Age Business Ideas to Consider ASAP

One good thing about business ideas is that there are always plenty of them to explore. However, not every idea you take up turns out to be a lucrative venture regardless of how ambitious and promising the idea may seem.

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“At the very least, it is always important to consider those ideas that

Issa Asad Reveals J.K. Rowling’s Best Quotes on Successes and Failures

Issa Asad Reveals J.K. Rowling’s Best Quotes on Successes and Failures

World-famous author J. K. Rowling had a meteoric rise from failure to massive success. In the earlier years of her writing career, she experienced stark failure. She was unemployed and had to rely on welfare to make ends meet. As she sat in restaurants and

Issa Asad Explains 5 Tricks that Rich People Use to Continue Getting Richer

In a world full of average people earning average salaries, a large number of them aspire to be part of the 7-figure club. Who does not dream of becoming prosperous, so that they can take an endless vacation, stop working, or even go on guilt-free shopping carousal?

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A large number of rich individuals do

Issa Asad: Q Link gives you unlimited calls and 1 GB of data for 10 bucks

Issa Asad: Q Link gives you unlimited calls and 1 GB of data for 10 bucks

Have you heard? You can make all the calls you want and even get as much as 1 GB of data for just a $10 with Q Link.

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The breaking news comes The Sun Sentinel, a newspaper based out

Issa Asad Shows You 3 Ways to Dominate Social Media This Quarter

A new quarter is here, and you want to stay on top of the marketing trends on social networks this season, don’t you? After all, the internet has changed people’s behavior and, to talk to them, it is essential to follow the news.

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An example of this is the micro-moments, a term coined by

Issa Asad Shares How to Maintain the Sanest Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that seems to be almost impossible for many people because of the day to day duties. It is important to know that apart from work, you need time to do also things that you love. Stress in life arises when one is unable to manage all the responsibilities that await the

Issa Asad Tells 4 Effective Time Management Books to Read NOW

For an entrepreneur, time is not the main thing. It is the only thing. As a result, they have to improve on their will power and discipline. If they don’t, a lot of distractions will block them from reaching their goals.

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“Apart from improving their will power and discipline, reading books has been known

Issa Asad Reveals 4 Side Jobs to Help Millennials Quit Their Jobs

On average, we spend eight hours a day working. For a long time now, this serves many people no longer as a mere breadwinner, but should at the same time be meaningful. How do you escape the job routine and find what really fulfills you? Here are 4 side jobs to help millennials quit their

Issa Asad Shares How to Brand Your Business on a Strict Budget

What do individuals say when you are not around? Chances are they are saying the same thing about your business. What would you like to be known for? To have a fruitful enterprise, you need a great brand. Do you know how to brand your business?

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Individually, each one of these components can