Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram

Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram

Instagram can be used to grow your business, but in order for it to work effectively, you should ensure you understand and utilize 5 key tips. These tips will help you grow your business’ Instagram account, which is necessary because the higher number of followers you have, increase your chances of reaching out to new customers. Remember one important fact: Instagram helps advertise your products and services.

This post will teach you 5 ways to grow your business Instagram account, by Issa Asad. Mr. Asad is a business owner, entrepreneur, and CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in Dania, Florida. He is also the author of four e-books, including Instant Profits with Instagram, Instant Profits with Alibaba, Instant Profits with Snapchat, and Instant Profits with Vine. Here are Issa Asad’s 5 new ways to grow your business Instagram account:

1. Have a Website Address in Your Bio Description

Instagram will not allow you to have clickable links on your photos, but you can easily provide followers information on where they can find your web address. After the followers click on the links in your bio and they are directed to your website, they will learn more about your products and services. This will lead them to become customers and refer other followers, which grows your business and Instagram account.

2. Use a Photo Consistent with Your Business Brand

In order for people to know about your brand, you should always use photos on your Instagram account which will reflect what you offer. It will be confusing to followers if you decide to have photos of your favorite flowers or pets displayed on your account. After you use consistent photos, you will have a better chance of catching the attention of those who look for products or services that your business provides.

3. Use Videos

Instagram will allow you to post videos but they will only last for 15 seconds. In those 15 seconds you can be creative enough to easily pass your message. So don’t think that you cannot do it or that it is impossible. Just take a look at many other companies, like Nike, or Apple, who have already done amazing things with just 15 seconds. People love watching videos and by making use of them on Instagram you can easily attract followers to visit your website, and potentially make them customers.

4. Add Text to Your Photos

After you have posted photos of your services or products online, you should proceed to provide potential followers with short descriptions. This will make it easy for people to know what you really offer. There are some other apps available which you can use to help you create text on your images, including Moldiv and PicLab.

5. Run a Contest

You can encourage your followers to post pictures using your products or services! Just ask them to enter a photo contest in order to win a prize. The prize can be something small, like a coupon code, to something large, like a gift card or a grand prize package containing your products or services. By using photos, your followers can possibly convince others to try your business out. Followers can also tag their friends on their post, or they can use a designated hashtag. These efforts can easily lead to an increased customer base.

For more helpful tips with growing your business Instagram account, check out Issa Asad’s e-book, Instant Profits with Instagram, available to download for free on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and other e-book distributors.