The shift towards online retail sales for businesses of all sizes has been a boon for retailers and consumers alike. Recent research shows that a third of shoppers plan to spend more on shopping this year than they did last year. More importantly, they plan to spend more money shopping online.

Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and businessman┬ásince 1996┬ásays: “there are people ready to spend money”. Mr. Issa Asad is the CEO of 2┬ácompanies: Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. But how do you ensure that they spend it on what you have to offer? Here are 4 tips to increase holiday season profits this year.

1. Email Marketing

This old stalwart is still an effective tool to leverage in today’s era of intrusive social media. Its true value lies in the fact that virtually everyone has an email address; people who do not have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other accounts, or who do not actively use them, still have email addresses, with most of them checking email every day and even several times a day.

The other appeal of an email marketing campaign is its ability to reach so many people at virtually no cost to you. Make sure you tell recipients of every discount, special offer and promotion package to get them interested. Note that most people check their email at work, so ensure that your email campaigns use more restrained colors and graphics than you would otherwise.

2. Mobile Ads Target Better Than TV

With TV ads, you are throwing your messages to an audience where the majority will not be seriously interested, regardless of what it is you are selling. The far better option is to use mobile ads. People are spending more time on these devices, even when they are at home.

Mobile ads work because they are sent in a targeted fashion to individuals who are much more likely to be interested in your product. Additionally, purchases are no further than a click of the flashing ‘Buy Now!’ button away meaning that the potential customer is less likely to wander off.

3. #Hashtag It

We are social creatures and trends help us bond and be part of a group. Adding a hashtag to your ads on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allows people with similar interests to be informed about your products, and also for them to spread your message for you by re-tweeting and pinning it.

Of course, be careful to live up to customers’ expectations on these platforms. You have to engage consistently – questions will be thrown at you, and prompt answers expected.

4. Consistency

With so many options for marketing available, it is easy to find yourself speaking in a different voice in each one, especially if you employ a team of marketers who specialize in individual platforms. Avoid that – customers like consistency in their browsing and shopping experiences, be it on a website, via email, on social media, a desktop, a mobile device, or in your store.

Creating a seamless transition from one to the other will ensure that customers are more likely to return to you for a good shopping experience regardless of where they are and what device they use.