Depending on how you use it, social media can result in great benefits or disadvantages. Good use of social media earns a brand approval and a large audience. On the contrary, if you don’t use it rightly, you will experience unhealthy conversations.

Currently, social media has become a great marketing tool. “Marketers have to be careful on how to avoid losing clients just because you initially disconnected with your clients,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, social media expert, and CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. Use the following 4 formulas for great social media marketing.

1. Exercise Patience

A social media campaign is not something that can be grown within a day or two. You have to be patient enough and be willing to work extra hard to enjoy its fruits. There are times you will not get even a single response, but you can’t afford to give up. The best way to work is to set goals to be achieved within a specific period. Social media marketing isn’t different and before moving to it, it is good to make realistic expectations within a specific time-frame.

2. Listen to Your Audience

A healthy communication is always two-way same as a healthy marketing strategy. Make sure you utilize enough time listening to your followers because they are the one to help you in shaping your marketing campaign. Make sure that you collect feedback from the users responds any moment you share something. Take a keen note of their reactions and if you realize they are sharing it with others and commenting positively, it’s a clear indication that your campaign is working. Silence or negative comments mean there is need for action. You can respond to that by changing the strategy after knowing their preferences.

3. Examine Your Past Content

Growth is only measured by getting the difference between the present and the past. In social media marketing, the perfect way of confirming that you are growing your strategy is by analyzing the way your users reacted to a content you shared in the past. You can even go the extent of utilizing a third-party testing tool that will benchmark the effectiveness of your content and determine the number of shares, comments and likes it has earned. This analysis provides suggestions on what should be done to improve the situation and impact positively in the future.

4. Present High-Quality Content

You have to ensure that whatever content you disseminate to the users is of high quality. It is good to realize that whatever you post will be reviewed by your users, so it needs to be engaging enough. Make sure that your content captures the attention of your users. Remember having a long post doesn’t guarantee a great attention but, all in all, your post must hold value and be relevant to both your business and users. Brief but yet informative posts have a greater impact than a long and poorly written post to the same audience. People have a negative attitude towards long posts and do not engage in them mostly. That means your posts will not have any impact and are therefore not encouraged.