YouTube has become a very popular source of marketing for many businesses, by creating online channels. Once you establish a channel, you can begin to create content that will help to build brand loyalty, educate your customers on your products and services, answer questions before your customers ask, and attract new customers.

The main goal of using YouTube as a marketing tool is to create a close relationship with your customers. Video marketing provides a direct interaction that you will never get with any TV commercial. “YouTube video can be shared via URLs, and can also be used to make great content on social media websites,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and CEO of 2 companies (Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings).

Here are the 3 ways to use YouTube to market your brand.

1. Create How-to Videos

The How-to videos offer an incredible opportunity for many brands that want use YouTube as a marketing tool in a customer support setting. Most of us have watch How-to video on television and we still watch them. A good example is “This Old House”, which most of use watch from time to time. Therefore this is a familiar style that we all understand.

Just like most of the TV adverts, YouTube videos aims should target customers with specific objectives in mind. Some of these objectives should relate to your business. For example, if you sell tiles, you may want to have a video that teach your customers how to install them. These videos can be created and shared to many viewers. Many viewers might be interested in what you sell, or may have purchased them before and their viewing may just indicate to you that brand-loyalty is growing. To push your sales higher, you can include a link of your products in YouTube video description.

2. Have a Demonstration of Your Product or Services

You must have come across a horrible product demonstration video, which puts you off. Although some of these videos may not be appealing to many people, they can be a great opportunity to teach people something about your products. Make your product video demonstration simple and easy to follow. Some people go further to include online product tutorials that covers wider aspects on what the product can do instead of focusing on features. A great YouTube video will get closer to your potential customers who’re interested in your product. Try to use a few tips to help you capture more YouTube subscribers over a long period of time. This will ensure that they keep coming back to watch your channel over and over again.

3. Create Answers Before They Are Asked

Most people go online to search for answers that relates to certain products. A YouTube video can be an excellent tool to provide answers to common questions. Giving answers to people can’t visit your business premises can pull them to like your products. Successful videos will provide you generic information the about the product and then followed by specific information later. These video are quite easy to create. Some people include a bit of music in the videos to make them more lively.