Issa Asad business photo

Issa Asad business photo

I realize now that there are many things to learn before writing an e-book. At first I thought I had mastered the requirements to make an outstanding e-book, but that was not the case. There are several things I learned during the process of writing my e-book. I am Issa Asad, the CEO of two companies in South Florida: Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless, both located in Dania, Florida. I can now call myself the author of four e-books: Instant Profits with Instagram, Instant Profits with Alibaba, Instant Profits with Snapchat, and Instant Profits with Vine.

After learning about the necessary things which are required to master writing an e-book, the second, third, and fourth time writing an e-book was a lot easier. For any e-book to stand out it has to be well-written and informational; this requires the efforts of yourself and the people who may help you write the e-book.

This post will help you if you’re struggling to finish your first e-book. I hope these 3 things I learned from writing my first e-book will help you finish it with success.

Organize Yourself Well Before You Start Writing

Before you start writing an e-book, you should first ensure you have all the materials which you need for you to begin writing. You should have all the notes which you need to come up with the e-book and the necessary tools that you will require to write it. Remember you will end up missing a lot of details if you rush into starting the e-book. You should also ensure that you understand how to use the tools that are required to write the e-book. If you face any technological challenges while trying to write, then it will lead you to wasting a lot of time before you can accomplish the e-book.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Your e-book will most likely contain many chapters that deal with specific and different topics. In order to find the work of writing the e-book easier, you should create a schedule and as always, “stick to it”! To avoid unnecessary stress and pressure, you should schedule your work so that you can finish it at least a few weeks before your deadline is over. That way you can edit and make changes in time. You will also be able to tackle different chapters of your e-book with ease and success. Another tip is to divide the approximate pages of your e-book across the amount of days you have to work on it. You can also assign a chapter to specific days.

Work with Partners and Co-Writers

Don’t write your book alone if you don’t have to. If there are partners or co-writers available that you would be willing to work with, I say go ahead and tackle the book together! Having partners and co-writers will prove to be very handy and can assist you with filling in pieces of information you may not be able to provide. Don’t be afraid to “share the spotlight”. You are writing your first e-book, and after all, what is more important, being the only author on the byline, or writing a successful first e-book?