Instagram’s popularity is quite an undeniable fact. The app is a favorite among anonymous individuals as well as celebrities and even some companies and well-known brands, who are to be closer to other smartphone users and share events as they happen, from a baby’s first picture to a new exciting product launch.

The app is so influential in smartphone users’ everyday lives that it was created its own phenomena, from “Instagram celebrities” to the selfie, which is now so popular it has even become a word in the English dictionary. However, selfies are becoming old news fast, and just being able to take a picture of yourself on the go isn’t enough to stand out on Instagram anymore. And that’s where Hyperlapse literally comes into the picture.

Hyperlapse and #SelfieLapse

Hyperlapse is, as you might already know, a recently unveiled app from the Instagram team. This very clever iOS exclusive app lets users capture longer video sequences and then easily make them much more compact, by reproducing the video at a much faster rate, not only making it much easier and faster to watch but also creating a stunning, cinematic effect.

The thing is, Instagram is all about selfies, and people wanted to share clips on themselves, rather than simple actions or landscapes, on time-lapse. So following in the steps of the new iPhone 6, which offers a similar feature, Hyperlapse has now been optimized to be used with front-facing cameras, creating the phenomenon known as #SelfieLapse.

3 Cool Ways to Use Instagram’s #SelfieLapse on Hyperlapse

Now, what you have to be aware of is that #SelfieLapse is a lot more than just a gimmicky trend with a funny name. In fact, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of using this feature on the Hyperlapse app. Here are some to get you started:

Showing how a product is built or how it works is quite simple with Hyperlapse. You can easily film yourself putting together or even unveiling a new creation on the #SelfieLapse mode and then easily share it to social media as a teaser to create some buzz.

Take your followers to an event. One of the main reasons why #SelfieLapse is so popular is because people can share a whole portion of their lives with their audience in a quick, stunning manner which easily catches the eye and makes them stand out. You can take advantage of that by taking your social media followers to an event like the release of your newest product to create some excitement about the product.

Interactive instant testimonials. This isn’t something you can do as much as it is something you can ask your followers to do, but it is also a great way to use #SelfieLapse to create interaction on social media. The idea is that they take a #SelfieLapse as they first get the product, documenting their first impression, their first use or even the instant results if there’s any. As they share their videos, you can create some interaction between yourself and your followers as well as among themselves, in turn creating a great marketing campaign.

So before you write #SelfieLapse off as a silly new social media trend, think of the amazing things you can do to expand your creativity and create a successful marketing campaign which can in turn bring a hefty amount of profit to your company. In the end, these gimmicky features can prove invaluable in the competitive world of social media. Don’t let the opportunity time lapse by you!